A Resolution That Fits

January, a fresh month, a fresh year, a fresh start…? Maybe, maybe not. I’m personally not a huge fan of symbolic gestures, new year resolutions included. If you’re going to change your life for the better, why wait until January the 1st - Do it now? The other question I find myself asking is: Why change at all? Unless you’re kicking puppies or stealing babies’ lollipops, the chance is you’re absolutely marvellous as you are. 



The likelihood is that; if you’re reading this post, you’re someone who has felt directly targeted by the “New Year New Me” messages bombarding us at the moment. “Clean Eating”, “Join our gym”, “This is how I lost fifteen stone in an hour” - It’s EVERYWHERE and it is EXHAUSTING. This January pressure to become something new is a drain at the best of times but after the year we’ve just had…? BLIMEY. If you got through 2020 in one piece, you should be nothing but proud my friend.


2021 should be the year that we focus on uplifting our minds. On finding small joys wherever we can. If that means going to the gym or downing a smoothie; Go for it. Equally, if some joy is found in a tube of Pringles and a night of Netflix, TAKE THAT JOY.


Oola completely recognise our need for an uplift now and every single style they make intends to do just that. SO wear your most fabulous pants, play your favourite bop and dance around the kitchen. You deserve nothing but happiness.